#PostDontStop Desktop Backgrounds

In honor of #PostDontStop Day, I was struck by design inspiration (very rare for me) and created a whole batch of minimalist desktop backgrounds for my fellow post-production specialists. There are several variations of each one, including bold and light text, and textless versions if you’d prefer. The background is a nice dark gray for all of you #postchat folks who spend all day in dark rooms staring at bright screens, and the designs are for editors, colorists, vfx artists, post-audio, motion graphics, etc.! Here’s what’s included (click to enlarge):

PostDontStop Wallpapers

All of them are sized for a 27″ iMac screen (2560 x 1440), but they were designed in Illustrator, so if you want a different size, just let me know. On that note, if you have an idea for a variation – or just want one modified slightly to fit your tastes better – let me know and I’d be happy to get to it as time allows!

Happy #PostDontStop Day everyone! Looking forward to chatting with you during the festivities tonight.

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