IMAG 101 at PVC

I just finished a long-running series over at Pro Video Coalition called IMAG 101. The series covers the basics of IMAG, from what you need to set up a system (at a very basic level) to who should be on your team and how to...

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The top two boxes on this multiviewer are Preview (PV) and Program (PGM). 

Preview is what's coming up next when you press the cut/take or Auto Trans buttons. 

Program is what's currently live or on air.

Contrast is King – Part 3

We've discussed contrast in an image, and how it affects perceived sharpness and mood. In the last post we discussed contrast between images in editing and how to use that, as well as changes and juxtaposition of pace, to create emotional contrast and bring attention...

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IMAG Directing

[embed width="680"][/embed] Like I've mentioned a few times before, I work full time at a church. One of the things I do besides the original videos and running the comm. dept. is managing the IMAG team on Sundays. I've been recording a few behind-the-scenes videos of...

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