My Family is Growing

Well, things have been pretty quiet on here lately, and just like last time things got quiet, it’s because my family has grown! My wife and I just had our second child, Jace Gaelan Williams, on Thursday afternoon, February 13th.         We’re all home now, and adjusting to life with two kids :) Things…
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Shot 2 Featured

Positive Thoughts: Shot 2 Breakdown

Well, it didn’t make it to the semi-finals, but it did get a ton of views, so thanks! We’re going to keep trucking along with the shot breakdown series anyway, because there’s some fun stuff in there. Here’s the breakdown for shot 2: The Breakdown: Raw: The raw footage comes from a Red EPIC, shot at…
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PostDontStop Wallpapers

#PostDontStop Desktop Backgrounds

In honor of #PostDontStop Day, I was struck by design inspiration (very rare for me) and created a whole batch of minimalist desktop backgrounds for my fellow post-production specialists. There are several variations of each one, including bold and light text, and textless versions if you’d prefer. The background is a nice dark gray for…
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Copy Path Banner

Link To Files On Shared Storage

Here at my day job, we use a shared NAS for our file storage. Telling people where they can find files was a huge pain, especially when giving one of our project managers a file path for a deliverable so they could get it to a client. We as editors spend all day in our…
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Shot 1 Featured

Positive Thoughts: Shot 1 Breakdown

A couple weeks ago I graded a submission to Doritos “Crash The Super Bowl” contest created by my friend from college, Josh Goldman. It’s a funny and well done spot, and he’s graciously allowed me to do a series breaking down the grade. First up, watch the final graded piece (switch it to 1080p for…
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