Color Grading Presentation

I participate in a monthly conference call of church media and motion graphic designers, and the organizer asked me to do a presentation on color grading for this past call. I recorded my screencast and lined it up with the audio from the call, all for your viewing pleasure! A couple of things to keep in mind when you watch this video:

  1. This is aimed at motion graphic artists, so it’s really just the basics, nothing too in depth.
  2. I’m not that great a public speaker, and was a little nervous about giving this presentation, so cut me some slack if I misspoke or said something that wasn’t totally correct…
  3. I was also trying to cram in a ton of information into a relatively short amount of time, so please forgive the breakneck speed and “30,000 ft. view” of color grading.

Hope you enjoyed that! I think my next Colorist Tip is going to cover control surfaces, and will probably come sometime next week…

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  1. KevinB

    Aaron, thanks for sharing your presentation. I would be curious to know your workflow for dealing with FCPs clamping of superwhite luma values in Colorista II (or any FXPlug). I tend to normalize my shots using FCPs three way color correcter first, then add Colorista II almost like a secondary.

    Thanks again.

    • Aaron Williams

      honestly, i don’t usually worry about it. typically, if i’m using colorista then i’m in a hurry, so i just make it look as good as i can in the time i have. at my job i often have 1-2 day turnaround times for pre-prod, shooting, *and* post, so time is a huge factor.

      if i have time to worry about superwhites, then i’m probably coloring in Color anyway. also, the vast majority of the footage i work with is from a 5D, so it doesn’t really record superwhite anyway.

  2. Jesse Koepke

    Thanks for posting this video, Aaron! It’s super helpful to see you walk through the process and give the basic steps. I’m currently editing a documentary, and we’re just about to head into the color correction stage using Colorista 2, so it’s cool to see it in action before we dive in.

  3. Matthew Scott

    Hey Aron,

    Thanks for sharing that vid, it was great! I really enjoyed your workflow tips and explanations of why you first balance, then add a look and then refine with keys, etc.

    Thanks again,


    • Aaron Williams

      Glad you enjoyed it! This was more of an intro, so hopefully I can do a more advanced video in the future :)

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