The top two boxes on this multiviewer are Preview (PV) and Program (PGM). 

Preview is what's coming up next when you press the cut/take or Auto Trans buttons. 

Program is what's currently live or on air.

Contrast is King – Part 3

We've discussed contrast in an image, and how it affects perceived sharpness and mood. In the last post we discussed contrast between images in editing and how to use that, as well as changes and juxtaposition of pace, to create emotional contrast and bring attention...

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Cu to an extreme closeup of Doc...

Contrast is King – Part 2

We looked over contrast in color grading in Part 1, and saw how it affects perceived sharpness and energy level. In this post, we'll dive into contrast in editing, but first, a quick reminder on the definition of contrast and it's 2 key points: [quote_left]contrast noun...

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