Sherlock Holmes Look

Stuart Samuels (@stusam81) tweeted me this past Sunday about recreating the look from Sherlock Holmes: Here's the reference image he sent me: He also said that he did most of his work in After Effects, so this post will be using Colorista II. Let's get going! Here's the...

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IMAG Directing

[embed width="680"][/embed] Like I've mentioned a few times before, I work full time at a church. One of the things I do besides the original videos and running the comm. dept. is managing the IMAG team on Sundays. I've been recording a few behind-the-scenes videos of...

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The final look

A “Low-Con” Look

Another grade breakdown, and this time back in Resolve. On a recent piece I finished (actually an accompaniment to the piece I did this grade breakdown for), I wanted to do a low contrast look. It actually ended up being a low-contrast-low-saturation look, but here's...

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