Blogging Around the Web

Just a heads up, besides writing for my own site (which I will still definitely continue to focus on), I’ve also been writing for a couple other sites around the interwebs:

I’ve become a regular contributor to Premiumbeat’s post production blog, where I’m writing several posts every month. You should totally check out what I’ve written!

I’m also in the middle of a short series over at ProVideoCoalition on the subject of IMAG 101. You can find Part 1 here and Part 2 here; Part 3 will be coming soon to wrap the short series up! It’s not a regular thing with PVC at the moment, but maybe someday… Either way, it’s still a fun series you should check out if you’re interested in or curious about live production.

I have a lot of good articles planned for this site too, so I promise it won’t become a ghost-town now that I’m writing for other sites. Things will slow down for the next few weeks though, as we’re entering our (ridiculously) busy season here at my day job. I’ll try to keep things coming as time allows :)

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