Freebie – Ink Drops

I dabble in a few other things besides color grading: editing, motion graphics, vfx, etc. In working on a recent project, I realized I needed some ink drop elements, and sadly my Video Copilot collection just didn’t quite have what I needed for this specific look. Being the thrifty individual I am, I made my own! And guess what? You can have them too! For free!

A few notes – there are a bunch of them (55) and they are pretty big file-size-wise, so I split them into 3 .zip files. These are edited h.264 files from a Canon T2i. They are 720p at 60i so you can slow them down to 24p if you need to. Also, these are elements for a very specific project I was working on, so they are tailored to my use, and may not be the best fit for what you need; but hey, they’re free right? Lastly, This is my first time shooting elements like this, so don’t expect it to be as good as Video Copilot, etc. resources.

All of that said, if you can get some use out of these then enjoy! Here’s a screen cap of the files and what they look like. It’d also be cool if you sent me a link to whatever you used them in if they work for you, just so I can see :)


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