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A Surprising Tool for Creative Direction

I recently transitioned from a strictly video job to a role as a Creative Director over print, web, video, advertising, brand, etc. One of the biggest tools for me in my new job is one that I had pretty much written off and rolled my...

Our Neighborhood
Journey to the Bay

It's been a good, long while since I last wrote, but it's not without good reason. I want to tell you a little about the big changes happening over the last several months in my family's life. I'm not sure how many of you know, but...

Wacom: The Hidden Manual

Being relatively active in the #postchat community on Twitter, I had heard a lot of people talk about using Wacom tablets for post-production. I had seen the VFX and Flame artists at my internship with Zoic Studios use them a ton, but I didn’t realize...

My Family is Growing

Well, things have been pretty quiet on here lately, and just like last time things got quiet, it's because my family has grown! My wife and I just had our second child, Jace Gaelan Williams, on Thursday afternoon, February 13th. [caption id="attachment_2185" align="aligncenter" width="458"] Jace Gaelan...

Shot 2 Featured
Positive Thoughts: Shot 2 Breakdown

Well, it didn't make it to the semi-finals, but it did get a ton of views, so thanks! We're going to keep trucking along with the shot breakdown series anyway, because there's some fun stuff in there. Here's the breakdown for shot 2: [sublimevideo poster="" src1=""...